Which Christmas party package should I choose?


We may be in the middle of summer, but it is never too early to plan your next Christmas party in London and choosing the right Christmas party package will ensure it’s a party that everyone remembers.

Here are three key factors you will need to consider when deciding.

Size & budget

It doesn’t matter what vision you have for the party, the number of guests attending will directly affect the price, so budget accordingly. When booking a venue, a party of 100 guests requires more space and catering than a party of just 30 guests.  

So, when deciding on your Christmas party package, estimate the number of the people attending to get the most value from the party.  

At E10 Events, we offer different Christmas party packages in London depending on the size and budget of the party. The 1881 Suite is the largest room we offer and can accommodate up to 180 guests, whereas we also offer more intimate packages accommodating just 30 guests.  

Shared or private?

You will need to find out whether a shared or private party is the best option for your London Christmas party.    

Shared Christmas parties are usually held at large venues and involve sharing the party with other businesses and organisations. Your guests can mingle with people from different companies, making it a potential networking occasion. They are also a viable choice if you only have a small group but want to be somewhere lively which is not a restaurant or bar.  

However, shared Christmas parties don’t offer much flexibility. As they’re hosted by the events company with multiple people from different businesses attending, they tend to have a set:   

  • Date   
  • Agenda   
  • Menu   
  • DJ/band/entertainment  

Private Christmas parties are what it says on the tin: they are private. So, you and your guests can enjoy the party without anyone external attending. A private party also gives you the option of tailoring it to your needs, such as deciding the:   

  • Date   
  • Dress code   
  • Agenda   
  • Catering options   
  • Music    

However, private parties tend to require more guests than shared parties (our private parties, for example, require at least 30 guests).  

At Leyton Orient whether you decide to go shared or private, both packages cost the same amount per person, meaning you can have a London Christmas party to suit your needs, regardless of budget or party size.

Christmas party in London

Catering & entertainment

Do you want the party to be formal, informal, or in-between? A formal party may include fine dining and a band, but will be more expensive than a buffet and a disco. Cheaper options may not wow the guests, so choose a package that strikes a good balance.  

You will also need to consider if the catering and entertainment of a package meets your requirements. As highlighted earlier, a shared Christmas party will have limited catering and entertainment to offer, whereas private parties have more options to choose.  

At E10 Events, our private parties can tailor to the exact requirements of your London Christmas party, with a host of dining, music and drink options to suit any budget. 


Host your next Christmas party with E10 Events

Get in touch to see how we can make your Christmas party in London one to remember. Keep your eye out for our Christmas party packages launching soon!