What makes a good conference venue in London?


When it comes to shortlisting conference venues in London, there are a few criterea to consider to make sure your event is a success.

1. Location

In London, location is everything. If you’re hosting a conference, it’s likely your delegates will be travelling to the venue from all over the city or country. Hosting your meeting in a venue that’s near to or located in the centre of London will help to avoid issues with accessing the venue. Your guests can easily attend the event, using nearby road and rail connections, as well as the London underground and public parking facilities.

Should your conference run over a couple of days, you should ensure that there are plenty of hotels close to the venue for your guests to stay overnight. In London, there’s also an abundance of restaurants, cafes, bars and entertainment for delegates to network with one another after the conference.

2. Technology

Reliable technology will make sure your conference goes off without a hitch. A good conference venue should have the right technology in place to support the success of your event. If your venue doesn’t provide some of the audio and visual equipment that you need, you should be able to hire a third party or work with the venue’s preferred supplier to provide that for you.

A good conference venue will have strong connectivity. Many of your attendees will use mobile phones, laptops and tablets during the conference so they can access resources and emails throughout the day. If your conference has a virtual option, your chosen venue should be able to support the streaming of the event to attendees that can’t make it in person.

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3. Onsite support

You’ll get a good feel for your conference venue by meeting the venue staff. A team that has strong knowledge of the venue, facilities and how to run a conference of your type will support the success of your event. The event team should work closely with you throughout planning the conference and be on hand to support your needs and the needs of your attendees.

Technological support is also a great-to-have. Should any issues occur with audio and visual equipment, including microphones, speakers, projectors or screens, your venue should have onsite support available to solve them and get your conference back up and running in no time.

4. Catering

Catering for your conference is one of the most important factors of the event. Attendees should have food and refreshments at regular intervals during the event to refuel and keep energy levels high. Most great venues have catering facilities inhouse and if they don’t, they should be able to support a third-party provider.

Work with your conference venue to decide on the menu for the event. Your venue should understand the right food and drink that prevents drops in energy and keeps your attendees engaged throughout the day. The menu should also cater to allergies and dietary requirements, so all your attendees are looked after.

5. Branding

Your conference reflects your brand and the service you provide to clients and customers. Kitting your conference venue out in your branding will create a strong impression with attendees and keep your brand in the forefront of their minds. A great conference venue should have event spaces that are customisable to your branding including signage, event stands, and colours.

To support your brand and the perceived value of the conference, you should consider other amenities that your attendees will enjoy. Utilising break out rooms, balconies and outside spaces will give your attendees a break from the main conference hall and keep them engaged during the day.

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