What is a dry hire venue and what are the benefits?


Out of the vast number of options available to you when planning an event, it’s likely you’ve heard the term ‘dry hire’ but aren’t exactly sure what it means, and whether you should use it for your next event. 

Read on to learn more about dry hire and how it could be an option for your next event. 

Dry hire meaning 

A dry hire venue refers to renting only the venue space, without any additional features. It differs from wet hire, where not only is the space available to rent, but also the event planners, caterers, etc.  

Dry hire benefits 

At E10 Events, we offer a variety of dry hire event spaces in London, so we know a thing or two about its benefits. There a three main benefits with dry hire venues, which are: 

  • More control 
  • More variety 
  • Cost 

More control 

Because you’re only renting the space, you can decide what else is included. You choose who supplies what for your event – not the events company. For example, if you’re planning a wedding and are looking for a certain type of cuisine, or need to cater for people with different dietary requirements, you can do so easily with dry hire wedding venues.  

What’s more, with dry hire, you don’t need to worry about meeting certain thresholds to get the package you want. You can streamline the event to your liking and avoid paying over the odds for more expensive packages with options you won’t use. 

More variety 

A lot of events companies partner with set suppliers, which then determine their package offering. This is fine if you like these packages, but it can make the process rigid and increases the likelihood of you paying more to get the one you want. 

However, dry hire allows you to tailor the event to fit your needs. So, if you would like different entertainment options for different times during the event, you can. Why not have a band during the day and a DJ during the night?  


Buying a venue without extras from the start is often less expensive than buying one with all the add ons already included, but it’s also more cost-effective overall if you search for a bargain.  

When you shop around with different vendors and look for good deals, you’re likely to find it cheaper than wet hire. Of course, it’s more convenient to go with something that has all the options already in place, but this convenience comes at a price. 

Instead of choosing an alcohol package from an events company, you can go to retailers like Costco and get drinks for a much cheaper price.  

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