What are the benefits of hosting in-person training events?


For your next training event, you may be wondering whether it should be in person or at a training venue. Both have benefits and will suit different training occasions, but in this blog, we will highlight the benefits of hosting training events in person.  

Better productivity 

A well-structured in-person training event is almost certainly going to be more effective compared to e-training in terms of engagement and productivity. This is because people communicate better face-to-face.  

With better communication comes more sharing of ideas. Conversations are freer flowing when face to face, enabling the attendees to set clearer objectives and come up with more ideas. 

To extract even more ideas in person, you could also use methods to pick the brains of the attendees, such as using a whiteboard to draw up a spider diagram – something that isn’t always available with online training.   

Better body language  

With today’s way of working following the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are working from home. While this is a flexible solution, it is not particularly effective for reading body language. With in-person events, you can better read the attendees’ hand gestures, facial expressions, hand gestures and overall body language.  

Unlike online situations, where people’s body language can be misinterpreted, or simply not read at all, in-person events allow you to read the room. 

More specialised training 

With in-person training events, you can give every individual more personal attention compared to online training. With the benefit of seeing the attendees’ body language right in front of you, you are more likely to be able to spot if someone is struggling with the training course or has any questions. 

With online training, however, this is far more difficult as it is on a computer screen where you only have a limited view of every individual, and that’s if they have their camera turned on. 

Better working relationships 

As workdays are busy, employees may rarely have time to get to know each other. In-person training events, however, mean that employees can sit down and get to know their colleagues better and develop positive working relationships.  

Fewer distractions 

Hosting training events in the same location that your employees work at – be it in the office or from their work – can result in a decrease in focus due as they may have distractions involving their everyday roles. Employees may receive a phone call or an email, which in their normal work setting they are likely to respond to. 

Having attendees travel to a different location, such as a training venue hire London, means they will have less distractions and can focus on the training event, resulting in an overall better outcome.  


With in-person training events, employees attending are more likely to appreciate the effort put into finding and booking time for the event rather than carried out over a Zoom call. As a result, in-person events can increase morale as the employees who feel like you have put the effort in are more likely to be engaged with the training exercises that you put on them. 

A change in the environment 

It also means that they can experience a new and exciting location that they haven’t been to before, or at least not very often – resulting in better job satisfaction as they know they aren’t constantly stuck in the same location. 

At E10 Events, we recognise the benefits that in-person training events can bring to a business. Our training venue hires in London can be tailored to your business’s needs, so you can ensure a productive and successful training event. 

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