How to organise team building days in London


Giving your team time to get to know each other away from the office and enjoy themselves is a crucial part of building relationships. Team building days are a brilliant opportunity to work on communication, collaboration and, above all, have fun!

When organised effectively, your team building day can bring great results for your business. You want the day to run as smoothly as possible so everyone involved can focus on getting the most out of the time together.

Here are 5 top tips for organising your team building day in London:

1. Set your objectives for the day

Team building days should have an outcome; goals that you want to achieve from the activities together. Having fun should be a given! But looking deeper, what else do you want to achieve? You may want to enhance your team’s communication skills, refresh your creativity, improve your collaboration efforts, or boost employee morale.

You should consider how you’re going to measure your goals to understand whether they’ve been achieved or not. For example, you may want to survey your employees to ask for feedback following the team building day. What did they enjoy the most, what will they take from the sessions, what skills did the day help to develop?

2. Pick an appropriate date and time

When and where your away day will take place can impact the outcome. Your team will likely want the event to take place nearby and during work hours, unless you provide overnight accommodation and transport to your chosen location. These factors will also affect your agenda for the day so it’s important to have firm arrangements in advance.

Hosting your team building day in London is easy and convenient for your team. You’ll all benefit from a change of scenery, getting out and about in the city, and away from your emails! However, you should check any impending deadlines to make sure your team can break away without compromising their work.

Team building day in London

3. Choose a memorable venue

London has so many incredible venues that are perfect for team building activities. Prior to looking for a venue, you should have an idea about what your team building day will involve and which activities you’re interested in doing. Knowing your dates and times will help you secure a great venue that’s available for the number of people attending.

Why not not host your team building day in London at the home of the mighty O’s? Leyton Orient Football Club has a range of completely bespoke spaces available for your corporate away days. With views of the pitch and the London skyline, you can organise a productive and engaging team building day for your colleagues.

4. Arrange your team activities

When it comes to choosing what you’re going to do during your team building day, you should pick things that everyone will enjoy. There’s nothing worse than some of your team members feeling uncomfortable or disengaged! Want to get away from your four walls? Head outside for a game of football or your own sports day. Inside, you could set up a treasure hunt, escape room or murder mystery to get everyone thinking.

Take to the pitch at Leyton Orient Football Club! Head into the first team dressing rooms and get ready to grace the same pitch as O’s legends. Hire out the pitch for a bit of friendly competition and fresh air. Enquire about pitch hire today. Pitch hires are available from 9th to 31st May 2022 only.

Team building day in London

5. Create an exciting agenda

Now you know when and where your team building day will take place, and the activities you’ve planned, you can create an action-packed agenda. Make sure your day has a clear beginning, middle and end. You’ll want to leave plenty of time for people to have a break and get some food and refreshments.

Think about the structure of the day and the times your team might experience a dip in energy. You’ll want to change the pace throughout the day to keep your team engaged and proactive. A relaxed session will wind down a busy day and get everyone to reflect on what they’ve enjoyed before heading off.


Now you’ve planned your team building day in London, you can focus on having a great time with your colleagues. Your agenda will make sure your day runs smoothly and that your team stays focused on the overall goals of the event.

Get in touch with us to host your team building day in London at Leyton Orient Football Club.