How to make sure your event is a success


Events are a great way to connect with existing customers and generate new leads. To ensure a successful event, you must consider a variety of tasks. Here is how you can pull off your next event with ease.

Set clear objectives

Before doing anything else, create clear objectives for your event to ensure you and your team know why the event is taking place.

Ask yourself what the event’s purpose is and what you want to achieve. Will you get a good return on your investment? Numerous questions will pop up, and some will be difficult to answer, but it is better to raise them from the beginning. Doing so will allow you and your team to spend time and allocate resources wisely.

Plan, plan and plan again

This may seem obvious, but a lack of planning is easily visible during events. Proper planning will increase the likelihood that the event is well-executed and achieves your objectives. For example, where will you hold the event? If choosing an event space in London, you better get booking fast, as corporate event venues in the city get snapped up quickly.

Think also about Covid safety measures. Although it is not as big an issue as it once was, some people will still appreciate having Covid-safe processes to put them at ease. We implement a variety of safety procedures at our event venues. 

Lastly, you must consider what technology you’ll have at the event. You will likely need speakers, microphones, computers, etc. To mitigate any IT issues, make sure you have technological support onsite.


No event can happen without spending money. But it is vitalespecially if you are a small businessthat you budget correctly.

Work with your team to understand the costs and which resources you want to allocate to your budget. Decide what you believe you can save money on and what you can’t. If possible, you can get businesses to sponsor all or parts of the event. A company could sponsor food and beverages, for example.

Of course, it is possible to stay within or even under budget. But consider the possibilities that can make your event go over budget, such as paying more for next day delivery due to tight deadlines.


The number of resources that you will be able to allocate to food and drink depends on your budget and the location of the event venue. If your budget is tight and you cannot spend much on food and beverages, consider choosing an event space with supermarkets, cafes or restaurants nearby. 

If the budget allows, then having in-house food catering will help maximise engagement of your event. Despite perhaps appearing irrelevant, attendees really are more engaged on a full stomach.

Lastly, consider dietary requirements, some attendees will have allergies, others may be vegetarian, or vegan so make sure everyone is catered for.

Promote effectively

Effective promoting your event will help you reach your target audience and have maximum attendance. The way you promote your event will be dependent on the size, but whichever way you choose, make sure it is engaging.

If the event is small and invite-only, you could email or write a letter to the invitees or do both.

If your event is larger and open to more people, then we suggest:

  • emailing your entire database;
  • posting on your social media channels;
  • create a dedicated landing page on your website, or set up a banner to appear on the home page.

If your budget allows, you may also want to consider writing press releases and sending them to industry magazines – so industry enthusiasts and leaders notice the event.

Choose the right event venue

The event venue can make or break your event, so, you need to choose the right one. Firstly, make sure it is:

  • health and safety compliant
  • the right size for the number of people expected to attend
  • has the correct facilities to implement your vision for the event
  • relatively easy to travel to

Aside from the practical planning of the event space, choose a venue and location that is appealing for attendees.  

Corporate event venues in London, for example, are popular due to the travel routes into the city and the vibrant atmosphere. If you’re looking to have your event in London, see our tips on booking event venues in London. We also have a range of event spaces that offer a panoramic view of the city’s skyline.


Please feel free to contact us about our event spaces so we help you make your event a success.