How to choose the best venue for your awards ceremony


Awards ceremonies are used by organisations to recognise and celebrate the talent and achievements of individuals, teams and companies in their field. They are also a helpful tool for networking and promotion for a business. An effective event could be the highlight of the attendees’ year and ensure they will remember the event and your business for all the right reasons.

An integral part of an awards ceremony is the venue. Here is how you can choose the best awards show venue to hire for your event.


With in-person events now being the norm again, people will need to travel to the awards ceremony. Choosing the right location should be at the top of your list. It is essential to make your venue convenient for the invitees, as a long and costly journey will deter them from attending, regardless of whether they are interested.

If your business is in the south of England, consider awards ceremony venues in London. There are convenient transportation links, so people can come from far and wide.  

Our stadium in London provides a variety of award show venues to suit different needs all conveniently located by public transport. 


Awards ceremonies are one of the only chances of the year to wow guests and business owners alike. Therefore, it is critical that the awards show venue is attractive and aligns with your vision of how you want guests to feel when they attend. The awards venue will be the first impression for the attendees, and if they like what they see, they will instantly be more impressed and more likely to enjoy themselves. Consider the: 

  • Layout
  • Colour scheme
  • Entertainment
  • Food and drinks
  • Furnishings


How large your awards ceremony venue will be is up to you and the number of resources you have. However, you should guarantee enough space for the tables, the stage and for guests to network throughout the event. A larger venue will be more expensive, but if the extra space allows you to generate leads, the increased cost will be worth it.  

Hiring a larger venue space may also allow you to bring in some entertainment, such as a band. These are always popular once everyone has had a drink and wants to dance. 

Décor and technology

The awards ceremony venue will need to have scope to be suitably furnished with the right décor and technology (depending on your industry). For example, you could utilise technology with engaging TV screens highlighting the guests shortlisted for each award. Most importantly, it all needs to be striking and engaging for the guests.


One of the most effective ways to make guests happy is through food and drink. Not only will there need to be enough food and drink, but being an awards ceremony, it should be decent quality too.

Instead of canapés, consider serving a starter, a main course and a dessert. Hungry guests do not make happy guests! People have varying tastes in food, but a high quality dining experience will be expected at an awards ceremony by all.

You will also need to consider dietary requirements, such as vegetarian and vegan, as well as common allergies like nuts or gluten.


It is crucial to choose an awards ceremony venue that is within your budget, caters to the guests’ needs and is inviting for them. Calculate how much you can spend on the event and what percentage of the budget you wish to spend on the venue. For a good quality venue, you will need to dedicate a sizeable portion to venue hire.

We offer a wide range of London awards show spaces for hire, so you can put on an unforgettable awards ceremony whatever your budget. If you would like to enquire about one of our event spaces, please get in touch.