How to book meeting rooms in London


Have you missed that feeling you get after a great day collaborating with your team? Getting back together for your next think tank, board meeting or training session will help to get your creativity flowing again.

When booking a meeting room in London, there are some considerations you should know about before going into your search. Choosing an affordable, flexible venue with the right capacity and amenities is essential.

Here at E10, we host events, conferences and corporate hospitality close to the City of London. With an excellent range of facilities and rooms that offer a panoramic view of the London skyline, this is the perfect location for your meeting whether you’re hosting an AGM, board meeting or training session. Click to contact us about hiring our meeting rooms.

Meeting room in London

To help you choose the right venue for your corporate event, here are 4 considerations when booking meeting rooms in London:

1. Venue

A room that can be scaled up or down makes the perfect multipurpose space for your meeting. Flexible seating arrangements allow you to tailor the meeting room to your desired capacity and event requirements whether you choose a horseshoe, boardroom or classroom layout.

In London, location is key. The meeting room needs to be accessible for all of your guests to ensure they can get to and from the venue with ease. It’s wise to choose a venue that’s centrally located with excellent road, rail and London Underground transport links close by for guests travelling from near or afar.

2. Capacity

A safe venue capacity is even more of a priority following the COVID-19 pandemic. Your attendees need to feel safe and comfortable with the option to socially distance themselves if they desire. When booking a meeting room, check what the full capacity of the space is, as well as the 1m and 2m distance capacity.

In addition to venue capacity, you should look at the total square footage of the meeting room. The venue needs to fit your attendees along with the tables, chairs, additional furniture and equipment you may need. Your guests will need to fit safely within the space to move around comfortably.

Meeting room for corporate event

3. Cost

Cost is an important factor to consider when booking a meeting room in London. Your venue needs to be spacious, have the necessary amenities, and have a central location. These factors can make London corporate venues particularly pricey. Check for any additional costs such as refreshments and use of AV equipment which may require more of your budget.

Meeting rooms in London typically charge by the full-day or half-day rate. Seasonality often affects the price of a meeting room, so plan ahead as far as possible so you can secure the meeting room you want at a favourable rate.

4. Amenities

The type of meeting you’re hosting will depend on the amenities that you need in your room. Absolute necessities are:

  • A strong internet connection throughout the meeting room to ensure your guests can get online
  • Option to hire audio and visual equipment to help your guests clearly hear and see your presentation
  • Availability of on-site technical assistance to keep your meeting running smoothly should any issues arise.

Keeping your guests refreshed throughout your meeting will make sure they stay engaged throughout the event. Check if your venue includes food and refreshments in the day rate and if they’re provided for full-day events only. Find out if the room will be broken down after your meeting and if cleaners will be on hand to clear up after your guests.

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Our rooms are a creative hub for any meeting. At the Breyer Group Stadium, we offer boardroom meetings for 4, right through to conferences for 200+. Our competitive room hire and DDR rates along with catering packages suit all budgets and meeting requirements.

Choose from the 1881 Suite, the Legends’ Lounge, the Directors’ Lounge or the Boardroom to host your corporate event and delight your guests with an engaging meeting space. Our experienced team works with you to discuss your requirements, including room layout, equipment and refreshments to make sure you have everything you need for your corporate event.

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