Face-to-face vs virtual meetings: what are the benefits?


Following two years of virtual-only meetings, many of us have gained a greater appreciation for face-to-face meetings. We also realised that virtual meetings have their fair share of benefits too when it comes to saving time, money, and increasing productivity.

We compare face-to-face and virtual meetings to find out which type will make your session as efficient, engaging, and successful as possible.

3 benefits of face-to-face meetings

1. Build strong relationships

There’s immense value in meeting with clients, colleagues, or partners in person. It shows that you appreciate their time and want to connect directly rather than over the phone or via email. These factors are key when building strong relationships with others in your network.

You can actively share experiences, grab lunch or a coffee, and make physical connections such as a handshake or even a hug. When you have greater visibility and awareness of others’ body language and facial expressions, there’s less avenue for misinterpretation which can help you move further towards your goal.

2. Conversation can flow more easily

A structured face-to-face meeting helps conversation flow naturally. Video calls often experience delays, which can lead to team members talking over one an another and losing the momentum of the conversation.

You can ask questions, receive the answer instantly, produce more ideas and leave with clearer objectives, without waiting days for a response via email. If anything you’ve discussed is unclear, you can raise concerns and clear up any issues to make sure all takeaways and actions can be completed correctly.

3. Removes distractions from your surroundings

It’s easy to become distracted during a virtual meeting. You might be tempted to scroll through social media, answer emails, or make a coffee, especially when your video camera is turned off.  Multitasking can distract you from the discussion and result in a less productive meeting.

When you’re face-to-face with your team members, you’re less likely to pick up your phone or continue working on a project. You’re more engaged in the conversation, are more likely to take notes, and ask questions which helps you get the most from your meeting.


3 benefits of virtual meetings

1. Can connect people internationally

The beauty of virtual events is that they can be attended anywhere. Moving your event online, you may benefit from an increase in attendees tuning in from all over the country or even the world. Travel restrictions aren’t an issue when it comes to virtual events, meaning more people can join the meeting no matter their location.

By choosing a time that’s suitable for you and your attendees, you can collaborate with clients, partners or team members that are in a different time zone. This helps to build strong relationships and expand your network internationally.

2. Save time and money

When hosting a virtual meeting, there are no travel, catering, room rental or equipment costs involved. You can save your attendees money as well as your own company.

Virtual events are also a time saver. Video call software that enables screen sharing and collaborative documents can help you achieve more in your meeting in a shorter amount of time. Time saved not travelling to and from your meeting venue, even if it’s across your building, means you gain time back in your day for other tasks.

3. Easy recording and distribution

Most virtual meeting platforms enable recording, meaning you can easily record and distribute your session after it’s complete. For anyone that couldn’t attend the meeting or wants to recap what was discussed, you can watch the meeting wherever and whenever you want.

This is great for any new starters that you onboard. You can archive and share important videos that update new starters on company activity and bring them up to speed efficiently and effectively.


There are a lot of great benefits to both face to face and virtual meetings. Whichever you choose will ensure a productive and engaging meeting if it’s well-structured and interactive for your attendees. Many companies now choose to adopt a hybrid approach, combining face to face and virtual meetings into their calendar so they benefit from the best of both worlds.

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