5 ways to safely set up your meeting rooms post-pandemic


Now that COVID-19 restrictions are relaxing, hosting in-person meetings is a great way to get your colleagues and clients collaborating once again. Although meeting rooms are back open, it’s still important to exercise health and safety precautions to make sure your guests feel comfortable and confident.

Every meeting room’s safe setup will be different depending on the venue that the space is in. Before setting up your meeting room, you should check if the venue has specific COVID-19 procedures that you have to follow.

Here are 5 ways that we recommend safely setting up your meeting room:

1. Book a meeting room in advance

It’s usually a good idea to book your meeting room in advance. Before booking your meeting room make sure you know if anything is unavailable due to covid policy changes and what resources and capacity are actually available during covid restrictions. As meeting rooms post-pandemic, particularly in London, will be booked up, it’s important to get in there early to secure your desired room. This way, you can secure a space that has enough capacity for your guests, you can give guests enough notice to respond to the meeting invitation, and give you time to make arrangements to set up the meeting room safely.

2. Reduce meeting room capacity

One  of the most straightforward ways to safely set up your meeting room is to reduce the capacity to make sure all of your guests can socially distance themselves if desired. However, if the room is well ventilated with plenty of space to move around, you won’t need to reduce capacity. Alternatively, if you change the layout of the furniture and chairs in the meeting room, you may be able to create space without making cuts to the number of guests.

3. Change the layout and furniture

Making some alterations to the furniture and layout in the meeting room can change how the room suits your needs. Large furniture that occupies a lot of room in the space could be replaced with smaller furniture, which frees up space for your guests and resources. You could rearrange seating from a theatre layout to a horseshoe layout to give your attendees more space in front and behind them. Placing signage in the meeting room can show your guests how to move around and use the space safely. Signage can also show where the cleaning supplies can be found, which surfaces to sanitise and when to clean the room.

4. Provide cleaning supplies and instructions

Regardless of how many guests are attending your meeting, you should clean the room’s surfaces before and after use. If the meeting room is booked back to back, it’s wise to book the room for slightly longer than your meeting agenda to ensure you have time to thoroughly sanitise the room. Providing hand sanitiser and cleaning supplies in the meeting room will make sure your guests can easily keep the space clean during and after use. The government has outlined cleaning guidelines that detail best practices for cleaning workspaces.

5. Utilise technology and AV equipment

High-touch resources and surfaces can be areas of concern. Removing paper amenities from the meeting room and utilising technology as much as possible will reduce surfaces that guests have touched. You can take notes and share images by setting up a collaboration document such as Google Docs, which limits the need for written notes and whiteboards. If you have to limit the number of guests in your meeting, using AV equipment, you can video call participants who cannot be there in person and broadcast to the meeting room.

Covid-safe meeting room in London

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