5 things to consider when booking a training venue


The right training venue can make a total success of your event. Whether you’re searching for a small boardroom or a large conference space, we can help you choose the perfect venue for your training session.

Here at E10, we host events, conferences and corporate hospitality close to the City of London. With an excellent range of facilities and rooms that offer a panoramic view of the London skyline, this is the perfect location for your meeting whether you’re hosting an AGM, board meeting or training session. Click to contact us about hiring our meeting rooms.

To help you pick a training venue that will impress your attendees, we’ve put together 5 considerations:

1. Accessibility

The location of the training venue is the most important factor. If you’re hosting a session for a large number of attendees, it’s likely they’ll be travelling in from near and far. Your chosen venue should be well connected to local transport links with easy to find parking nearby. The last thing your delegates need is a venue that’s difficult to reach and takes hours to travel to.

Accessibility isn’t just about location. Your venue should also be accessible by wheelchair and consider if any of your delegates cannot use stairs or lifts. There should be enough space in the venue for attendees with mobility needs to move around safely and comfortably.

London conference rooms

2. Breakout areas

If you’re running a lengthy training session, your delegates will need a break to help them stay engaged. To give your delegates a change of scenery, a venue with breakout areas is a great choice. Here, they can grab a drink, have some food, and re-energise before joining the session again.

If your venue doesn’t offer a breakout area separate from the training room, you can alter the layout of your space to accommodate this. Clearing space and adding some tables for refreshments at the back of the room will give delegates a chance to stretch their legs and recuperate.

3. Refreshments

Food and drink, the one thing we all secretly think about during a training session. Picking a training venue that provides quality catering will keep your delegates happy and engaged during the session. You should aim to understand how many delegates will be attending the session and how many breaks they’ll need throughout the day.

You should be sure to cater for different dietary requirements such as vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free. Working with your venue’s caterers will ensure you provide refreshment options to suit your delegates’ individual needs.

4. Layout

How your room is set up will depend on the type of training session you’re running. You may be running a highly interactive session and need a lot of space for your delegates to move around during activities. You may be running a presentation and need everyone sitting facing a screen.

Choosing a flexible event space will make sure you can alter the furniture and layout of the training room to suit your needs. Before setting up your training room, it’s wise to check if the venue has specific COVID-19 procedures that you have to follow. Here are 5 ways to help you set up your training venue safely.

Covid-safe meeting room in London

5. Equipment

A strong internet connection throughout the venue is a necessity so your delegates can get online to access documents and emails. Your venue should offer the option to hire audio and visual equipment to help everyone clearly hear and see your presentation if required.

Technical glitches can be embarrassing and waste a lot of time during training sessions. A venue that provides on-site technical assistance will help keep your session running smoothly should any issues occur.

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