5 questions to ask to choose the right event venue


Choosing a suitable venue to host your event isn’t an easy decision. There’s a whole host of things to consider when making sure your event is a success. Armed with these 5 questions, you can dig deeper into your shortlisted venues to find one that’s perfect for your event.

1. Which package fits within my budget?

Before you start planning your event, you should have a clear budget in mind that includes venue hire. Your budget should include the venue hire, catering, AV equipment, event staff, furniture rental amongst other items.

Many venues offer packages depending on the event you’re hosting. Gathering the cost of these packages prior to choosing a venue will help you decide what’s most important to you and stick within budget. You may want to ask how the rate is charged; whether it’s day delegate rate (DDR) or a flat fee. This will help you understand what’s included in the package, and which requirements you need to fulfil yourself.

2. Can I customise the venue with my own decorations?

A memorable event always has a strong visual identity. If you’re hosting a conference or corporate event, you’re going to want branded banners, logos, brand colours, stands, lightboxes, merchandise, and free gifts. If you’re throwing a party, you’re going to want decorations, banners or extra furniture around your event space.

It’s wise to ask your venue if you can bring your own decorations and branded materials to put up in the rooms you’re hiring or at the entrance of the building. If you’re hosting a conference, you may want to put signage around the venue, so your guests are reminded of your brand throughout the corporate event.

3. What’s the transport and accessibility like?

It’s a given that your venue should be in a central location that’s easily accessible by road and rail links. Your venue should be easy to travel to and from, and have available parking nearby, as well as public transport links like train, bus, or underground if your event is in London.

You should also ask your venue about wheelchair accessibility if any of your delegates cannot use stairs or lifts. There should be enough space in the venue for attendees with mobility needs to move around safely and comfortably. If you’re hosting your event into the evening or across a number of days, ask your venue about nearby accommodation and restaurants that you can recommend to your guests.

4. What’s available in the room hire?

Different venues will have their own packages and requirements within them. You should check exactly what’s included in the venue hire and what you may have to provide yourself. If you need extra furniture or chairs, will the venue supply these or do you have to source them? Some venues may include AV equipment whilst others won’t. If the venue is happy to supply extra requirements that aren’t included in the standard package, will this come at an extra cost?

Consider catering too. Are refreshments included in the package, is it charged per delegate or at a flat rate, do you have to pay more for a bespoke menu and dietary requirements? Your event manager should be glad to support you with any questions you have so you have everything you need for a successful event and happy guests.

5. What’s the cancellation policy?

While you won’t be planning to cancel your event, it’s always safe to understand the cancellation policy should anything go wrong, especially after the past few years we’ve experienced! You need to know you can cancel or reschedule your event, and what your rights are to do so. Some venues may offer a full refund, ask you to reschedule, or keep your deposit.

At E10 Events, the health and safety of our guests is crucial. In case of cancellation due to COVID-19, we offer a no-quibble cancellation and refund policy that fully considers your needs. Whether you want to cancel, choose a new date, or make alternative arrangements, we’re here to support your decision.


By asking these 5 questions, you should be equipped with the relevant and valuable information to hire a great event venue. At the E10 Events, we offer event rooms that can accommodate up to 300 people. Host your event in our flexible spaces with bespoke catering packages that suit your budget and requirements perfectly.

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