4 types of catering for your next corporate event


Are you in charge of organising a business event? Food is one of the most important parts of putting on a successful business event, so make sure you don’t forget about it. Catering in your corporate event space involves more than just presenting employees and customers with nice nibbles and refreshments to get their attention. 

The quality of the catering at an event is directly linked to how well it goes. Because corporate event venues offer a wide variety of catering options, we have compiled a list available to you below. 

Finger snacks and canapés

Canapés and other finger foods are little, bite-sized meals typically served during cocktail parties or other social gatherings. They can either be arranged in the style of a buffet on a large table, or they can be served by waiters who moves around the venue. Both options give you a variety of food options to choose from, depending on your budget. 

Canapés and other types of finger foods are ideal for events that don’t last very long, for socialising and networking before an event when people are likely to be moving around and talking to one another. This gives attendees the opportunity to socialise and have fun while still being a part of the event, this choice is perfect for a party that takes place after lunch but before dinner. 

Sharing platters and grazing tables 

Grazing tables and sharing platters are great options for corporate events because they help people feel like they are part of a community, encourage people to share, and help people get to know each other. These choices are adaptable to several occasions. Sharing platters and self-serve grazing tables are arrangements of deconstructed canapés and finger meals that are served on platters so that guests can assist themselves. 

The guests will be able to choose from a wide selection of delectable delicacies that are presented on grazing tables that have been put up. Your nibbling table should have a lot of different foods on it, such as: 

  • Cheese 
  • Almonds 
  • Dried fruits 
  • Crackers and breadsticks 
  • Relishes and pickles 

Grazing tables are great for pre-event gatherings, seminars, training days, and even brainstorming sessions.   

Grazing tables will not only look great in your corporate event space, but they are also tasty, and they could be a great centrepiece for your event. There will undoubtedly be something on the grazing table that will catch the eye of every visitor to the event. 

Corporate buffet  

A corporate buffet is the most convenient choice for meals throughout the day, including lunch and dinner. The meal will be served on a large table, where guests can get up from their chairs and help themselves from a selection of items that have been prepared by the chef. 

These can include things like appetisers, main courses, and desserts, depending on what you decide to order from the menu. You can choose to have staff at your professional event to serve guests if you think that will be necessary. Having waiters is recommended for formal corporate events, whilst the self-service is excellent for more relaxed occasions. 

Buffets are a great way to eat at events like award ceremonies, Christmas parties and conferences. 

Meal with table service 

In contrast to buffets, attendees at meals with a table will not be expected to stand up to retrieve their meals; rather, waiting staff will bring the food to each table. The only thing that separates a sit-down lunch catered by your company from one eaten in a restaurant is the fact that your caterer will take care of all the preparation for you. This style of catering works well for many different events, like award ceremonies, conferences, and holiday parties.  

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