10 top tips for successful team building events in London


Team building events are a valuable opportunity to boost morale, increase productivity and above all else, have fun! There’s a lot to take on board when planning your team building day, from choosing the right venue to crafting the perfect agenda.

We want to make sure your event is a hit with your team, so here are our 10 top tips for a successful team building event in London:

1. Set achievable goals

There should be a clear outcome from your team building day to make sure you’re getting the most out of your session. Think about the skills you and your team want to develop. It could be communication, collaboration, teamwork, efficiency or improving processes. With goals in mind, you can plan the right team building activities that will help you achieve your desired outcome.

2. Get organised

Like any corporate event, it has to be well planned to be well executed. It’s wise to be organised for your team building event, especially if you’re hosting your session in London. Memorable venues and activities in London get booked up well in advance so you should pick your date, time, and location a few months prior to secure a great space.

3. Set team expectations

Your staff should be aligned with your goals for the team building event to be a success. They should know exactly why the activity is taking place and what you’re looking to achieve from it. This way, everyone is working towards the same objectives and can measure the outcome of the event.

4. Do something different

Team building events are an opportunity to do something unique with your team. Often team building events that think outside the box are the most memorable and effective. You could head outside for a game of football, rounders or your own sports day. Inside, you could set up a treasure hunt, escape room or murder mystery to get everyone thinking.

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5. Consistently communicate

Share the agenda with your team in advance of the session so everyone is aware of what the day will look like, and they can plan work and deadlines accordingly. You should check in with your team regularly throughout the team building event to keep everyone informed about what’s happening next, if they’re enjoying themselves, when to expect food and refreshments, when they can unwind and have a break. Communication keeps everyone in the loop and remaining positive about the day’s activities.

6. Get out of the office

Even if you’re hosting a team building event that could take place in your office, getting out of your building can help to boost morale and encourage interactions. Here at E10, the Breyer Group Stadium offers rooms for 4 through to rooms for 200. Choose from the 1881 Suite, the Legends’ Lounge, the Directors’ Lounge or the Boardroom to host your team building event and delight your colleagues with an engaging space.

Meeting room in London

7. Make it accessible

While some of your team may love a day on the pitch playing football, not everyone will feel comfortable doing so. Making your team building event accessible for all of your team is crucial. Doing activities everyone enjoys will make sure your colleagues are happy, engaged and excited about the day.

8. Treat everyone equally

Leaving job titles at the door will put all of your team members on an equal footing during your event. This will help your staff feel comfortable asking questions, sharing opinions and concerns, asking for help, and secure enough to join in with other more experienced members of the team.

9. Have fun

This tip speaks for itself. A day out with your team is a great opportunity to have fun, keep spirits high, and build great relationships. After what has no doubt taken months of planning, make the most of your time together by encouraging your team to join in, step out of their comfort zone and enjoy a day out of the office.

10. Gather feedback

A few days after your team building event, reach out to all of your team members to thank them for a great event and ask for feedback about the session. This could be feedback about the venue, location, activities or agenda for example. You can use this valuable feedback to make your next team building event even more successful.


With our top tips, we hope you have everything you need to execute an effective team building event in London. Get in touch with our friendly event team to host your team building event at Leyton Orient Football Club.